Kanye West – Facts


Here are the facts. Kanye West released “Facts” on New Year’s Eve. The surprise track mainly discusses his past relationship with Nike, with many shots fired at the multi-billion dollar corporation, and current relationship with Adidas. West collaborated with Nike to create Nike Air Yeezy and Nike Air Yeezy 2. However, the relationship between artist and corporation dissolved badly and publicly with West blaming Nike for their lack of royalties and creative constraints. West decided that Adidas was a better home and signed for reportedly $10 million, more royalties and more creative freedom.

Here are the opinions. The song spoofed Future and Drake’s single “Jumpman.” Additionally, the jabs taken at Nike are applauded by some who see the expensive shoes as another disrupter in the black community. Micheal Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, responded to the song with a tweet stating “Yeezy just jumped over @Jumpman23 ??” LOL I needed a good laugh to start my #2016.” Lebron James, who recently signed a lifetime contract for $600 million,  kept it professional when questioned about the song and firmly stood by his brand but also didn’t distant himself from West. Nick Young, also known as Swaggy P, has stood alongside West and raved about the song in an interview with Billboard.

While, I’m not rushing to congratulate West for going against a corporation, since he is still signed to another corporation that retails his sneakers at $200, the track was bold and did ruffle feathers. Will it get Nike worried? Probably not. Will it get people excited about Swish, his upcoming album. Probably.



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