A Cheap Guide to Your Summer Body

Two Women Exercising With Weights

The official first day of Spring is still fresh is our minds. That means we will soon be replacing coats and thermals with bikinis and crop tops. Getting fit is requires determination and consistency but it definitely does not require a large budget and here’s why.

Skip the Monthly Gym Memberships

The gym membership is nice because it houses everything you need at one location at convenient hours, especially 24 hour gyms. However, social anxiety, inconvenient hours, cost or simply just not wanting to go can be huge deterrents. With an internet connection, a soft floor and optional cans of peas or what have you, you can transform your living room into a gym. YouTube fitness instructors offer sublime advice and instructions with full-length videos that are guaranteed to get your heart racing and blood pumping. My personal favorites are FitnessBlender and BeFit. They offer a consistent stream of professional, full-length videos with a wide range of exercises and instruction. A jog around the neighborhood is also a free option for working out and requires 30 minutes of your time.

Free or Donation-based Yoga Classes

Yoga can honestly be done anywhere. And that point has been repeatedly made with many yoga classes taken place at parks and beaches. You too can take part in these classes with little to no cost. Community yoga classes can take place at local parks, with the recreation department, or even your local church. YogaToday.com is the Netflix of yoga that provides free weekly videos that range from beginner to expert. Furthermore, MeetUp presents many opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals so why not connect with other  yogis or exercisers.

Eating Healthier by Starting Small

Eating healthy is another barrier. With numerous quick fix solutions being peddled on Instagram and healthier food options being more expensive than its counterparts, changing one’s diet can be expensive and difficult. Rather than haul out your kitchen, small changes can do the trick. Portion control, decrease in snacking or switching out one option such as chips for nuts or apple, can offer valuable benefits.




Who is Kehlani?


Kehlani Parrish is a tattooed, Grammy-nominated singer. Her mixtape, You Should Be Here, was critically-acclaimed and nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 2016 Grammy Awards. However, Kehlani may now be known as a “SoundCloud artist” that was accused of cheating on Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard, with PartyNextDoor, singer. She was then prosecuted by the internet, trending on Twitter, and eventually hospitalized after a failed suicide attempt.

Since January 2016, Kehlani and Irving have been together based on photos shared on social media. At the end of March, PartyNextDoor posts a picture of Kehlani and him in bed together with her confirmable “WOKE” tattoo on her hand. The caption read: “After all her shenanigans, still got the r&b singer back in my bed” Why? It’s anyone’s guess.


That one picture led to the allegation that Kehlani was cheating on Irving with PartyNextDoor. The internet picked sides and attacked the supposed infidelity. Chris Brown was noteworthy critic who bashed the Kehlani for both the cheating and “faking” her suicide attempt. Other celebrities, such as Nick Cannon, JoJo, and Questlove, offered support.

Kyrie Irving went on to say, in a series of tweets, that:

“It’s been hard to see what’s been going on and not address the truth. I do not justify the picture or what dude did to try and spark all of this non sense that could have been avoided, but me and Kehlani were not dating when the picture came out. It’s unfortunate that it’s received so much attention but its become bigger because of a post that was misunderstood. Nothing but love and compassion over this way for her and her family. My only focus the Game I love to play every night.”

After a lengthy denial and attributing PartyNextDoor with saving her life, Kehlani deleted Instagram and Twitter. It was reasonable as she was transformed into a meme. She has since returned to Instagram, @kehlani.

Essentially, Kehlani was a promising singer whose career and reputation has been tainted after being prosecuted by the internet for allegations and misunderstandings.

Hamburger Helper Releases a Mixtape “Watch the Stove”


If someone played Hamburger Helper’s new mixtape, “Watch the Stove,” you would have everyone dabbing and nae-naeing as if it wasn’t an elaborate marketing stunt. The five-track mixtape features the finest in trap music with bars like “only want the beef with the lean it.” Students at McNally Smith College of Music helped with the project and local artists, like Dequexatron X000, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip & Bobby Rap, providing features.

Lefty, the mascot for Hamburger, has been providing updates about his project on Twitter for a while. We didn’t heed his warning and was surprised by the heat of “Watch the Stove.” Take a listen to what will unapologetically be added to your summer playlist.