How to do Feeding Ghana Braids aka Slim Thick Braids


Ghana Braids are very flattering for most face types it’s halo affect make’s your face appear rounder and fuller.Now, For every braiding routine you want to start your hair blown out and washed for your hair stylist. The feeding braid is named that because of the “mini” cornrows that lay in between the bigger braids. The hairstyle normally takes 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the braid. To add more femininity to the hairstyle adding jewelry will give it that extra look. The feeding Ghana braid hairstyle has been around for a long time as women would do small Ghana hairstyles into ponytails in the 90’s. This summer millennials(younger audience) are bringing it back with the two strand Ghana braids on tumblr and side swept with a part (one of my favorites). I recommend you use a toothbrush to gel down a little bit of your baby hair or edges and tie it with a scarf at night to get a very cute look. You want to also wear a scarf to maintain it and keep them from frizzing. It’s a great protective style for all hair types. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe.

Check out the tutorial: