Is it bad that I don’t have a hair regimen. I think im 4b..maybe 4c hair?

Question: Is it bad that I don’t have a hair regimen. I think I’m 4b..maybe 4c. I usually just wash and deep condition every two weeks or as often as needed. Protein treatments like once every two months..but other than that, I don’t do much. Style and keep moisturized. Anyone else? Should i build a regimen and stick by it??? Continue reading “Is it bad that I don’t have a hair regimen. I think im 4b..maybe 4c hair?”

Love Your Body



It’s hard shopping for clothes when you’re not a carbon copy of a mannequin. On some days going through sizes feels like you’re hunting for your glass slipper. When you’re trying to decide whether to buy a pair of pants that’ll have a shelf life of two months because of your chub rub, it can feel disheartening to be a Black girl who doesn’t have the body of Rihanna or Beyoncé. Continue reading “Love Your Body”

Help?! Once you go natural do you start off with complete protective styles?


Question: Once you decide to go natural and once you BC (Big Chop) or whatever did anyone start off with complete protective styles? I did that and thought there was some growth in starting to think there would have been more if it wasn’t manipulated into braids and weaves so much. Anyone have this issue or had it? Continue reading “Help?! Once you go natural do you start off with complete protective styles?”

Cultural Misappropriation


Everybody wants to be Black when it’s fun to be Black. They want to rock cornrows on Instagram like Kylie Jenner. They want to make every year the year of the booty so that they can look like Kim Kardashian or Iggy Azalea. But when Black bodies are being slaughtered or continually discriminated against everyone wants to stay silent. Continue reading “Cultural Misappropriation”

25+ Trendy Black Hairstyles for Women: Colors

2015 Hair Color Trends For Black Women


Hair coloring is not for the faint of heart.Hair coloring can in fact be for the bold and beautiful. In previous seasons stylist had gone outside the coloring box with ombre styles, now they’ve knocked it out with mermaid and galactic colors.The colors that these black women have been seen trending this year have been amazing. Blues, Greens, Purples, and Grey hues have been all the latest rage all over the red carpets and social media. Some of the combinations you will see are combined with gray or green or black.We’re pretty sure the color wheel will help in choosing your color combos. Again you should be aware that over processing of your hair can cause damage so seek the advice of your hair stylist before you start lifting your hair or bleaching. To get the best color treated hair maintenance, proper moisturizing and deep conditioning of dyed hair is required, in order to avoid dryness and breakage. Like we said this is not for the faint and careless of heart. Moisture, moisture, moisture ladies.

Here are some of the best hair colors were have seen across the net from our favorite celebrities and beauties: Continue reading “25+ Trendy Black Hairstyles for Women: Colors”

How to do Goddess Braids With Video Tutorial

2 Goddess Braids

How to do Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids or a Halo braid is a sleek braided look that can be worn with just two rows and still look magnificent.You can do this with your natural hair or do the goddess braid with added braiding hair too. I love doing this style when I am home and want to do a quick hairstyle for my natural hair. The only skill really needed is how to properly stretch or blow out your hair if you are natural or relaxed.Just make sure you use a good heat protectant on your hair to avoid heat damage. Continue reading “How to do Goddess Braids With Video Tutorial”

Serena Williams Body Comments Is Really About Her Blackness


When Serena William won the Wimbledon championship many people of power took to media to comment negatively about Serena’s body. As soon as Serena’s victory was announced J.K. Rowling  was calling Continue reading “Serena Williams Body Comments Is Really About Her Blackness”