Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Episode 13 “Doing Me”

Love and Hip hop

Last week we’re were left with Tony and Kurt trying to make their wives make amends but the guys figure out that Rasheeda and Kaleena are not ready to make up. After Kaleena throws a drink across the table, Tony rushes Kaleena out the building but she can’t see why she has to go causing her more embarrassment. Kaleena is still upset that Tony would bring up her Postpartum depression issue in front of  Rasheeda and tells him how disappointed she while they are leaving the restaurant. Kaleena is so frustrated at how things are going for her right now.

Momma Dee surprises Erica and tells her  that Earnest and her are getting married soon rather then later. Erica is asked to be in the wedding,but Erica is super reluctant to accept given the past  of her and Momma Dee.

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The Family Hustle is Real: Tiny and Shekinah Release “Cut It Off” [NSFW]

Lawd, I don’t even…

I can’t.

T.I.’s wife, Tiny and her roll-dog Shekinah have decided that it was ok to be ratchet in the recording studio, reworking K. Camp’s song “Cut Her Off.” Now many of us recognize Tiny from her days in R&B group Xscape… I’d rather she’d go back to doing that. Instead, she raps about how “it ain’t nothin’ to cut that d-ck off.” I’m so confused. I hope she means she’s going to restrict his privileges. Check out the ratchet mess below. Shekinah thinks she can flow.

What do you think: Is it a NO or do they have Flow?