Dashikis: The Newest It-Item.


Dashikis are the new It-item! Well that’s what Elle Canada has told us. Perhaps now that Afros are cool and dashikis are the new It-item, I can go find all those kids who made fun of my Afro and Nigerian ancestry and tell them that I’m cool now. Hold up, while I try to find their numbers on my old BlackBerry.

I like many other women of color have rocked our culture since day one. Seriously, there are photos of me in a diaper and a gele aka Nigerian headtie aka the perfect way to sweat out your mother’s press. People keep trying it with cultural appropriation. The madness won’t stop, and it’s till the point you want to scream no at the top of your lungs.

People will continue saying they love headdresses, dashikis, and bindis because they are cute and fun. Many of them won’t take the time to learn about the cultural significance. The moment that you try to call someone out then you’re the angry woman who doesn’t believe in cultural exchange and should go back to where she came from. I know—it’s ludicrous and not in the Ludacris type of way.


Before you start smashing your television and you annex yourself to a personal island with a population of one fabulous queen, remember that you are powerful. You cannot focus on the culture vultures that will sap you dry while making you the butt of their jokes. Know thyself and love thyself. Don’t pay attention to the people who want to make you a trendy thing.