What Makes You Black?


As a kid, people were always trying to take my Black card away. I was tempted to get a Black index card laminated to prove that I was Black.  I planned to store it in my wallet, and whip it out whenever someone had something slick to say. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized how ridiculous the idea of a Black card was. Thinking Denzel Washington wasn’t cute didn’t remove my Blackness…it just made my mom think I didn’t have taste in men.

When reflecting on the summer, I think that 2015 was the summer of Blackness. Every week there was headline of either blatant racism or cultural appropriation. The Rachel Dolezals were popping up everywhere like we were playing a game of Whack-a-culture vulture. After finishing the game of Whack-a-culture vulture, you had to pick away the Miley Cyruses and Katy Perrys like they were unwanted zits.

Then, you thought that you won the battle once you were done dealing with the culture vultures, but you didn’t. For every activist fighting for Black rights, then were a dozen others denying that racism still exist. There were a handful of Black rappers, actors, and celebrities who needed to relearn asap about the rocky relationship of being Black in America.

After the backlash that many celebrities, magazines, rappers, and singers received for their tone-deafness about culture, you would think that people would’ve changed their ways. However, the song remained the same and you were left wondering what was missing from the culture vultures and the new Blacks. A lot of them are missing or ignoring one key factor that comes with any identity. What’s missing is their social consciousness that’s attached to being Black.

Cultural Misappropriation


Everybody wants to be Black when it’s fun to be Black. They want to rock cornrows on Instagram like Kylie Jenner. They want to make every year the year of the booty so that they can look like Kim Kardashian or Iggy Azalea. But when Black bodies are being slaughtered or continually discriminated against everyone wants to stay silent. Continue reading “Cultural Misappropriation”