Why Bill Cosby Crimes Shouldn’t Be Explained Away


Bill Cosby will not face criminal charges for two of his alleged rapes. This still does not mean he is innocent and it definitely does not mean that he needs the support of the Black community. Since Bill Cosby was arrested people left and right have questioned whether or not he committed the crimes, the morality of the victims, and furthermore blamed everything on the fact that Bill Cosby was a successful Black man.

For decades, Bill Cosby was a pillar in the Black community. He had a statue in Disney World, several honorary degrees, and always had commentary on what the Black community was doing wrong. Now, all of that is gone and finally his crimes against women are recognized.

Over 50 women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Several comedians have come forward and said that they’ve always known that Bill Cosby was a rapist. However, there are still individuals in the industry who would rather deny the validity of the victims’ stories so that can redeem Cosby by hearing his side of the story.

They believe that this is a part of a conspiracy to bring down a strong Black man. He is not the man that we need to rally behind. There are other Black men and women who are victims of true crimes that the media is too quick to forget. Trying to explain away Bill Cosby’s crimes does nothing for the Black community. Not everyone is saint. Every community has its monsters masquerading as saviors. Bill Cosby needs to face punishment for his crimes without being protected by the Black community.

Donald Trump Strikes Again


Recently in the news, Donald Trump told a well-known reporter, Jorge Ramos to “go back to Univision.” For those who are unfamiliar with Univision, it is a television network, which is aimed at Hispanics Americans. When Ramos tried to stand up and ask his question, Trump told him to sit down. Ramos refused to sit down and remain silent. Trump then had him removed from the room. Later on, Ramos was able to return and ask his questions about immigration and Trump’s plans for deportation.

Trump has an extensive history of side-eye worthy comments about race. If I were to list all of his comments, we would be here all day. Seeing Trump’s foolishness in the news is no longer surprising. Breaking news: Trump is ranting, and water is wet. People believe that he’s going to drop out. However, he’s still going strong. There are people out there who believe in what Trump is saying. He’s a legitimate presidential nominee.


Past the jokes and his flurry red face, Trump is frightening. It’s scary that a person who obviously discriminates against people of color in America is allowed to have so many soapboxes to spew his antics. Meanwhile those who are actively trying to voice the concerns of minorities are silenced. Trump is an example the privilege that a certain skin color can get you in America. You can scream, shout, and say a number of racist comments, and still get airtime to say more.

It’s 2015 and the world is changing. The rise of social media has made snatching wigs or toupées much easier. We have to continue uniting and using our voices. Tolerating people like Trump and waiting for the brewing storm to disappear is a thing of the past. For centuries, people of color have been a powerful force in America, and it’s time for people to recognize.

Styles P Mourns the loss of his daughter


Styles P  penned an open letter about his daughter committing suicide in June. Though the family suffered a great loss, Style P took this as an opportunity to uplift. Tai Hing was only 20 years old.The member of the LOX acted as a father figure to, his wife’s, Adjua Styles, daughter. In an open letter on Instagram, Style P showered his followers in honesty and advice.

The post begins by stating how he keeps his private life private and usually expresses himself through his music but “but today I will share a little with you last month my wife and I lost a daughter and my son lost a sister.” Continue reading “Styles P Mourns the loss of his daughter”



Walter Scott’s Family Believes That Without the Video, No Justice Would Have Been Served

walter-scott-murder-shootingOne day after the arrest of South Carolina police officer Michael Slager in the shooting death of 50-year-old Walter Scott, Mr. Scott’s family is speaking out.

In an interview with  The Today Show, the victim’s father, Walter Scott Sr. stated that without the bystander’s video, his son’s death would have been ignored. “It would have never come to light. They would have swept it under the rug, like they did with many others.”

The video which was obtained by the New York Times on Tuesday shows Mr. Scott running away from Officer Slager, unarmed before being shot at eight times. Officer Slager contended that Mr. Scott stole his Taser before firing and then planted the electronic stun gun next to the body.

” When I saw it I fell to my feet and my heart was broken.” Mr. Scott Sr. said.

Officer Slager has been fired and is facing 30 years to life in prison or the death penalty if he is convicted.

Virginia Bans Criminal History Question From Job Applications


Last week, the state of Virginia voted to ban the question that asks job applicants about their past criminal history. The change, which will affect the application process for most state jobs, at least gives those with past offenses a greater chance of advancing through the hiring process due to less-immediate discrimination. It’s more about the skill set. However, the order doesn’t apply to private businesses.

It is no secret that people of color are disproportionately affected by criminal background checks. When an individual is released from prison and has trouble obtaining gainful employment, the chances of recidivism or re-offending rise. Not only does this open a door to income and self-sufficiency those who just need an opportunity, it keeps communities safer.

According to the Department of Justice, over 650,000 people are released from prison yearly to return to their communities. Virginia is the latest state to ban the box. At least 14 others along with an increasing number of municipalities have  joined  the campaign.

Today is World Health Day. Is Your Food Safe?


The World Health Organization is holding it’s annual event to promote awareness of global health issues today. with the 2015 theme being food safety.

According to the WHO’s website,

“New data on the harm caused by foodborne illnesses underscore the global threats posed by unsafe foods, and the need for coordinated, cross-border action across the entire food supply chain..

…Unsafe food can contain harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances, and cause more than 200 diseases – ranging from diarrhoea to cancers. Examples of unsafe food include undercooked foods of animal origin, fruits and vegetables contaminated with faeces, and shellfish containing marine biotoxins.

Foodborne and waterborne diarrhoeal disease kill an estimated 2 million people annually, including many children and particularly in developing countries. Unsafe food creates a vicious cycle of diarrhoea and malnutrition, threatening the nutritional status of the most vulnerable.

Food safety is a cross-cutting issue and shared responsibility that requires participation of non-public health sectors (i.e. agriculture, trade and commerce, environment, tourism) and support of major international and regional agencies and organizations active in the fields of food, emergency aid, and education.”

Illnesses caused by food safety issues are a detriment to socioeconomic development all over  the world  because they place undue stress on healthcare systems. Additionally, if there is an outbreak of foodborne illness and disease, national income sources such as tourism and trade are drastically affected. The World Health Organization believes that the effects can be significantly lessened through collaboration with food production, government officials and consumers. Communication can ensure food safety.

Is this a cause that you are interested in? For more information, visit the World Health Organization’s website.