Just Do You: Say No to Cuffing Season



Perhaps it’s the pumpkin spice lattes that’s causing cuffing season to start. With the start of cuffing season, questions about dating will start appearing again. Instead of planning your amazing Halloween costume, you’re left wondering whether or not you’re supposed to get drinks and if you get drinks what does that mean.

On top of all that, everybody and their mommas know that dating as a woman of color is hard. There are so many unseen expectations or rules that guide your hand with every Tinder swipe or settle wink at a party. Either you have to be as classy as the First Lady or as seksi as Amber Rose or Nicki Minaj combined. For some reason, people don’t want to give women of color the right to be bad, or different, or anything that we want. We have to exist in some cookie cutter form that makes it easy for others to understand us.

I have no intentions on waiting on someone who doesn’t understand who I am to tell me how I am supposed to be or behave. I can go from Rihanna to Annalise Keating in .25 seconds. Furthermore, cuffing season doesn’t mean that I’m going to start linking up with anything in sight and trying to make myself into someone’s Happy Homemaker. We’re not pieces of double sided tape. We don’t have to stick to anything that we don’t want to.

People need to stop waiting from some unforeseen force to give them the right to behave a certain way. This isn’t Star Wars—the force is not with you. At the end of the day is just you and your choices. No one can dictate what you do because they aren’t you.




Lessons on Love from Serena, Sanna, and Rihanna


In the crazy world of Hollywood, cupid has been shooting arrows everywhere. Some of the recent rumored victims of cupid’s touch have been Rihanna, Serena Williams, and Sanna Lathan. They all have been connected to rappers with interesting romantic pasts.

The Internet is up in arms about their relationships. Rihanna’s Navy collectively had a heart attack when news broke that her and Travis Scott were possibly seeing each other. After Serena lost her match, Twitter created #BlameDrake. Then Sanna Lathan revealed that she’s in a relationship with French Montana, and left everyone dazed and confused.

You can’t fight or dodge cupid’s arrows. People have the right to love whoever they want to. However, as a woman they are so many problems that appear when trying to love. First there’s the issue of women loving men who are possibly not worthy of them. Second, if a woman has a slip up and dates or loves a no good. Then she’s reprimanded or reminded for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, a man has the opportunity to skip away scot-free.

It’s a double standard that women have been taught since childhood. Women can’t sleep around with a bunch of men because that means we are morally corrupt. Men are taught to spread their oats and have a good time. The sky is blue, and water is wet. What on earth are us women going to do?

I say that we love whomever we want to. We don’t owe anything to anyone. However, we do owe it to ourselves to be selfish and do whatever we need to do to protect our hearts and our beautiful minds. Sometimes, protecting ourselves means saying no to a potential partner, and staying in the single lane.

Cupid is sneaky and loving someone isn’t as simple as telling your third grade crush to check yes or no. Everyone handles love and intimacy differently. How do you handle love? Do you try to stop yourself from liking potential no goods? Or do you believe in letting the good times roll and not worrying about what might happen?

Love Your Body



It’s hard shopping for clothes when you’re not a carbon copy of a mannequin. On some days going through sizes feels like you’re hunting for your glass slipper. When you’re trying to decide whether to buy a pair of pants that’ll have a shelf life of two months because of your chub rub, it can feel disheartening to be a Black girl who doesn’t have the body of Rihanna or Beyoncé. Continue reading “Love Your Body”

Rihanna Shows Her Great Shape In Barbados

Needing much rest and rejuvenation after working tirelessly on her eighth album, Rihanna returned to her homeland Barbados with best friend Melissa Forde. Continue reading “Rihanna Shows Her Great Shape In Barbados”

Bitch Better Have My Money Fashion Credits Rihanna’s #BBHMM


The video to the Anthem is here! We sure are lucky we’re not Rihanna’s accountant in this video, who made the artist go bankrupt back earlier in her career! The video was co-directed by Rihanna herself and it’s videography is like a Tarintino Kill Bill movie Part 3. The video was released to us through at midnight on Tidal the first of July and within 30 hours the video has already garnered 9 million views.Ri Navy light your cigarettes just that know that this is not for Kids. The warning on the video is rated
MA and contains nudity, violence, drinking, and profanity. Let’s look at Stylist Mel Ottenberg opening video outfits:

Vintage Trunk by Goyard
Adam Selman Spring Summer 2015 Logo Tee
Adam Selman Spring Summer 2015 Logo Tee
Thigh High Vetements' Spring 2015 Collection
Thigh High Vetements’ Spring 2015 Collection
Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 215 Couture Collection

Rihanna then goes to the gas station to check her balance and we found out the video is about her accountant.

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2015 Patch Work Fur Coat
Tom Ford Fall Winter 2015 Patch Work Fur Coat
Bustier by Cadolle and Orange Maison Margiela Bra
Tom Ford Fall Winter 2015 Patch Work Fur Coat

Rihanna and her entourage board “The Wife” on boat. Rih Navy stand up:

Wanda Nylon Fall/ Winter 2015 Collection and Maison Margiela Fall 2015 Chunky Heels
Wanda Nylon Fall/ Winter 2015 Collection and Maison Margiela Fall 2015 Chunky Heels
Chunky Maison Margiela’s Fall 2015

They stop at a hotel and have a pool party:

Vex Clothing Latex Headband
Vex Clothing Latex Headband
Christian Dior 2015
Christian Dior  Sunglasses 2015

She tracks down her accountant: Continue reading “Bitch Better Have My Money Fashion Credits Rihanna’s #BBHMM”

Rhianna Slays in Historic “Secret Garden” Campaign for Dior


For the first time in the French design house’s 70-year history, they have a black woman as the face of the brand.

Lucky for them, that face happens to belong to Rihanna, who was appointed in March this year. The beauty from Barbados looks incredible in every shot from the campaign.


From rocking sunglasses to sparkles to flowing red gowns, Rihanna impresses from every fashionable angle.

Check out the rest of the shots below.







Rihanna Signs On As Creative Director For Puma


Put another notch on Rihanna’s belt. In addition to acting and being an international superstar, she’s got a new job.

The Barbados-born bad gal will soon be helming the post of Creative Director for sportswear line, Puma. A few months ago, the were rumors that she was close to a deal with the company, but now it’s official.

Her duties in the new role includes creating new styles of shoes and apparel for the brand’s women’s fitness line, as well as revamping classic styles. She will also star in the 2015 advertising campaigns.

“Signing Rihanna is a fantastic step for Puma. Her global profile, her charisma and individuality, her ambition — all these things make her a perfect brand ambassador for our brand. Rihanna is an icon for the young consumer — male and female.” A rep for the brand told Women’s Wear Daily.

Get it, Rih!