Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Episode 13 “Doing Me”

Love and Hip hop

Last week we’re were left with Tony and Kurt trying to make their wives make amends but the guys figure out that Rasheeda and Kaleena are not ready to make up. After Kaleena throws a drink across the table, Tony rushes Kaleena out the building but she can’t see why she has to go causing her more embarrassment. Kaleena is still upset that Tony would bring up her Postpartum depression issue in front of  Rasheeda and tells him how disappointed she while they are leaving the restaurant. Kaleena is so frustrated at how things are going for her right now.

Momma Dee surprises Erica and tells her  that Earnest and her are getting married soon rather then later. Erica is asked to be in the wedding,but Erica is super reluctant to accept given the past  of her and Momma Dee.

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Love and Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 14 Review: The Big Dump

Love and Hip hop

In Love and Hip Hop Atlanta we’re brought back as Karlie Redd throw’s a drink in Khadiyah’s face. Sina and Karlie Redd continued to bond over their mutual hate for Khadiyah over Young Joc. The mission was accomplished because K.D. is pissed! Continue reading “Love and Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 14 Review: The Big Dump”

Love an Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez Releases Video For “Stingy With My Kitty Kat”


The “Puerto Rican Princess” is back at it with this music situation. A video has surfaced for her track “Stingy With My Kitty Kat.” If you watch the show, you will recognize it as the song that she debuted at rehearsals while Steebie was away in rehab.


In the two minute clip, Joseline harkens back to her days in the strip joint, twerking and working with her-maybe-they’re-married-husband by her side.  All the while, she strolls a ranch in something just short of lingerie with her nipples covered in black tape.


Admittedly, it’s not as bad as it could be. Stevie J has won awards, it’d be a shame if he didn’t at least give his maybe-wife something mediocre. Check it out below.