We Need More Diversity in Films but Until Then…


The Perfect Guy comes out this weekend. When I saw the trailer for the movie, I sent the link to all of my friends. It’s exciting whenever I see people who look like my friends and I on the silver screen. However, I’m tired of Black films and movies only occurring once or twice a blue moon.

Ava DuVernay was right when saying that diversity in films needs to become the norm. Talent doesn’t just occur in one race. There are talented actresses, actors, writers, and directors from every color spectrum. With how diverse society is becoming, there really is no excuse for our movies to be as outdated as your great grandmother’s favorite talkie.

Although I fully support diversity in movies, I am less than hopeful for the movie industry as a whole. Due to the intense politics of making a film in Hollywood, movies can take years to reach a proper audience. Nowadays, I don’t have to suffer through seeing the same stars on the screen or waiting forever to see a movie. I can sit at home, go on Netflix or KweliTV, and find a plethora of diverse films.

I want diversity in films but until then, I want more Shonda Rhimes dominating the television screen. Hollywood doesn’t believe that diverse films will bring in money. Until the silver screen starts featuring more diversity, ticket sales will continue declining.