Saying Goodbye to Azealia Banks



It’s happened again. We must mourn the lost of another talented Black musician because of tomfoolery. Recently, Azealia Banks was caught going on a tirade filled with punching, screaming, and a homophobic slur. This was not the first time that Banks was caught sounding off and it certainly will not be the last.

When I first discovered, Azealia after listening to “212” I thought I saw the light at the end of a tunnel. There was a female rapper who I could get jiggy with. I felt like the old grandma who finally heard her jam. Like with all up-and-coming musicians,  Banks’ budding fame came with a bright spotlight. Over the course of the past few years, Azealia kept revealing her controversial colors. I brushed it off as Azealia being Azealia. She made fun music to listen to. Then her album took forever to come out, and she kept using her dangerous Twitterfingers.


Over time, Azealia Banks became the girl who kept screaming at the Twitter screen. Some of her commentary about cultural appropriation was true, but the possibility of seeing Banks’ truth was lost in her twitter tirades. Even though, I know that it’s time to say goodbye to Azealia Banks, I’m still angry. I’m angry because I know a few years from now, I’m going to fall in love with another artist, but then one day, I’m just doing to know too much about them.

Too many talented rappers are losing the chance to share their music because of word vomit. Yes, it’s great for artist to express themselves on social media. However, after awhile you start to see their true colors, and realize that the artist you love is a person that you don’t want to know.

It’s a hard truth that you have to accept in this era. Banks’ music can be hot fire and a tempting siren that’ll get me dancing on the floor. Before my foot is able to hit the floor, I remember the crazy tweets, the angry rants, and the flying punches.